Environmental Impacts Of Hydropower Plants

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Environmental Impacts Of Hydropower Plants

Environmental Impacts Of Hydropower Plants

The impact of the electricity power station on the setting is varied and depends upon the scale and sort of the project. Although hydropower generation doesn't burn any fuel to provide power and therefore doesn't emit greenhouse gases.

There are definite -ve effects that increase from the building of the reservoir and alteration of natural water flow.

It is a fact that dams, interbasin transfers, and diversion of water for irrigation purposes have resulted in the fragmentation of 60% of the world's rivers.

Social And Economic Impacts

Power Plants create a number of social and economic impacts.

These impacts are mostly due to competition for land and water, availability of community services, and cultural threats.

Many industries tend to grow around the power plants and this may lead to major changes in the features of the area and its population. The social and economic impacts can be summarised as under.

1. Demographic Impacts :

Construction of a power plant causes a rapid influx of large construction forces in the area.

A majority of these workers tend to remain there even after the power plant construction is completed.

This influx may cause a change in ethnic composition, age structure, sex ratio, and educational status of the population.

The area may get urbanized and its population density may increase.

2. Public Services :

The increase in the population of the area creates an increased demand for water supply, sewerage, waste disposal, educational, medical, and transport facilities.

More often than not, a community may be unprepared for this rapid growth and the service may become poor.

3. Land Use Impacts :

The construction of the plant and changing social structure affects land use pattern. Agricultural land gets converted to residential and commercial property.

4. House Impacts :

Plant construction may cause changes in residency duration and mobility, increased demand for housing, an increase in housing values and rents, and the possibility of out-migration of existing residents.

5. Public Safety Impacts :

Plant construction creates an increased demand for police, fire protection, legal and judicial service, and jail facilities.

6. Economic Impacts :

Plant construction increases job opportunities and employment rates in the area. The business and industrial composition of the community may change.

The family incomes, retail prices, taxes, and community's gross product show an upward trend.

7. Recreational and Cultural Impacts :

The increase in population causes an increased demand for parks, playgrounds, swinging pools, theatres, and other recreational and social centers.

8. Change in Community Structure :

The traditional rural community values may be replaced by urban values and preferences. A change in number and type of community organizations may occur.

An accelerated way of life may be experienced in the area.

9. Psychological Impacts :

The type and number of crimes may change. The social problems like divorce, alcoholism, and suicide may increase.

The possibility of conflict between old-timers and newcomers also exists.

10. Political Impacts :

Additional of a large population (of different social, professional, and economic status) may change the strengths of local political parties and the extent of citizen participation in politics.

The appearance of trade union activities in the area may completely erode the base of the existing political parties of the area.

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