PDF Of HVDC Book, High Voltage Direct Current

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Information about the book

PDF Of HVDC Book, High Voltage Direct Current

Title: High Voltage Direct Current Transmission
Language: English
Pages: 296
Size: 13 MB
Format: PDF

Year: 2008
Author: Jos Arrillaga

The HV mercury-arc valve and its application to the event of Associate in Nursing, HVDC transmission technology are represented in earlier books by Adamson and Hingorani, Kimbark, and Uhlmann. In common with these texts the primary edition of this book, revealed in 1983, represented the basic principles of static power conversion and their application to power transmission by high-voltage DC. By then, however, in parallel with the event of electronics technology, there had been equally spectacular, though less published, microelectronic development within the power field sharing identical basic ingredients, i.e. switch and element. the most exponent of microelectronic technology should, sure enough, be the solid-state HVDC valve. 

By the time the first edition of this book was being ready, thyristors had already displaced mercury-arc valves in new HVDC schemes, and therefore the book reflected the modification. though the essential principles of operation stay the same, the past fifteen years have seen a worldwide acceptance of HVDC and significantly the installation of an outsized range of consecutive interconnections. There have conjointly been substantial enhancements within the ratings and dependability of thyristor valves and therefore the look of additional governable solid-state devices; the latter has inspired a replacement technology referred to as FACTS (flexible AC transmission systems) that is proving to be terribly competitive with HVDC for a few specific applications. 

However, thyristor technology has not remained at a standstill and a spread of recent ideas
and techniques is showing with the aim of reducing the value of HVDC and lengthening its space of the application. This dilated edition of the book includes the most technological advances of the past fifteen years and describes the new ideas that, no doubt, will help to create HVDC even additional competitive within the new millennium. Again, I'd prefer to acknowledge the precious facilitate received early on from all the consultants mentioned within the 1st edition and extend my gratitude to my gift colleagues C.P. Arnold, P.S. Bodger, S. Chen,

W. Enright, B.C. Smith, N.R. Watson, and A.R. Wood for his or her support and dedication to the HVDC cause. I acknowledge the continued encouragement and money help received from TransPower NZ Ltd for our analysis of HVDC transmission. It would be tough to properly acknowledge all the sources of information employed in the preparation of this book; i have to, however, single out the vast quantity of labor dispensed by CIGRE study committee fourteen on HVDC transmission from that I even have derived inspiration, the sensible information and images obtained from business, particularly GEC-Alsthom and ABB, and therefore the shut collaboration that I even have had over the years with the Manitoba HVDC analysis Centre.


Chapter 01: Introduction 

01. Historical background 
02. The mercury-arc valve 
03. The silicon controlled rectifier (thyristor) 

04. Future switching trends 
05. The HVDC claims 
06. The advent of a FACTS technology 

Chapter 02: Static power conversion

Chapter 03: Harmonic elimination

Chapter 04: HVDC system development

Chapter 05: Control of HVDC converters and systems

Chapter 06: Interaction between AC and DC systems

Chapter 07: Main design considerations

Chapter 08: Fault development and protection

Chapter 09: Transient overvoltages and insulation co-ordination

Chapter 10: DC versus AC transmission

Chapter 11: New concepts in HVDC converters and systems

These many chapters are covered in this book.


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