Different Types Of Post For Electrical Engineers | Various Profiles In Electrical Engineering

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will share different profile's in electrical engineering or different types of posts in electrical engineering.

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Different Type Of Post For Electrical Engineers

Different Types Of Post For Electrical Engineers | Various Profiles In Electrical Engineering

01. DESIGN ENGINEER: In this profile, an Engineer should know certain software like AutoCAD, EPLAN (Electrical Panel Design), Electrical Transient and Analysis Program (ETAP), Catia, Wire Harness. He has to work with this software. He should also know Indian Standard(IS), International Electromechanically Commission(IEC), Indian Electrical and Electronics Engineering standards (IEEE). This profile depends on Industry if there is the transformer industry we have to design a Transformer depends upon Electrical parameters. Some of the design Engineers are Substation Design Engineer, Transformer, Motor Design Engineer. In this profile there is a 70% seating job sometimes you have to travel. I think this is an ideal profile.

02. PRODUCTION ENGINEER: Actually all details of the product received from the Design department, the duty of production engineer to plan and construct the product. Suppose if we have to construct Alternator then drawing should become from the design department and according to dimensions, they construct Alternator. This is a rotational job of 24*7 there is 8 hours shift depending upon the company.

03. SALES AND MARKETING ENGINEER: This is the very fast growing profile you should well versatile with electrical software, Mailing, presentation skills, Convene, etc. We want to sell a product for the company. For example, if a company manufactures CT & PT, then you have to know all the details about it. Your work is selling a company product. This is almost a traveling job 100%.

04. PROJECT ENGINEER: In this profile, Engineer has to go client-side and completed a Project assign to it. Suppose if the 33/11 KV substation project is there he has to complete its Erection, Testing, and Commissioning of the substation. Finally, he has to handover this to a client and takes minutes of the meeting (MOM) and submits it to the company office. Under this, there are sub-profiles like site engineer, Project coordinator, Erection, testing and commissioning Engineer these entire have somewhat the same work. This is also a traveling job.

05. Automation Engineer: In this profile, he has to know the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Human Machine Interface (HMI), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA),  Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) and robotics. He has to go on client-side and install PLC programs, SCADA and give training to the client. If you are good at programming then no traveling required else you have to travel is 80%.

06. FACILITY EXECUTIVE: In this profile, he has to observe certain areas of the campus under this he has to observe AC, Fans, chillier system, all power circuit, and control circuit, operation of DG, Handling Electricians, and Presentation on Testing and maintenance of Electrical Equipment. Under this Building Maintenance Engineer profiles also include. This is a rotational job 24*7,8hours shift. No traveling required.

7) MEP ENGINEER: Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing this is a recently developed profile due to urbanization. These candidates required in metro cities having big buildings, big commercial malls, hotels, cinemas maintenance work like leakage of pipelines, Electrical wiring, leakage, Exhaust fan or another issue. No traveling required.

8) CONTRACT ENGINEER: He has to issue Government licenses from State authority. After issuing the license he gets work from the state electricity board, Electrification of a residential building, Fixing of concert poles. In this profile, he is the owner of his own. Somewhat traveling required you have to go nearby side or rural area.

9) SUBSTATION ENGINEER: Nowadays there is increasing in the use of electricity day by day so some big companies or big residential buildings required substation and that why this profile introduces where he has to do operation and maintenance of substation. He has to check the tripping offline, feeders, transformers, etc. No traveling.

10) MAINTENANCE ENGINEER: This profile required in a plant-like paper mill, Sugar factory, cable manufacturing, etc. One has to do maintenance of circuit breaker, Transformer, feeders, isolators, etc. Also check the valves, Sensors, three-phase induction motor, burning of fuses, tripping of MCB.

11) TECHNICAL CONTENT WRITER: you have to write the content of certain electrical products such as motor, Relays, Diesel generator, etc. Some traveling is required.

I hope this article may help you all a lot.