What Is Electric Drive And Control | Types, Advantage Of Electric Drive

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss what is electric drive and control, advantages of electric drive, types, etc. Each and everything I will try to explain in a simple way.

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What Is Electric Drive And Control | Types, Advantage Of Electric Drive

What Is Electric Drive?

Every time when the name electrical motor or electric generator is done, we intend to think that the speed of revolution of these machines is totally controlled just by the employed voltage and frequency of the source current.

However, the speed of rotation of an electrical machine can be controlled precisely also by performing the concept of the drive. The main benefit of the concept is the motion control is easily optimized with the help of drive.

Well, guys, we can also state that the system which controls the motion or rotation of the electrical motor is called an electrical drive. A typical drive system is modeled with an electric motor and a sophisticated control system that controls the rotation of the motor shaft.

Nowadays, this control can be easy with the software, so the controlling becomes more and more realistic and this concept of drive also provides ease of use.

Types of Electric Drive

01. Single motor drive - Used in household appliances.
02. Group motor drive - Used to drive modern industries.
03. Multi-motor drive - Used in conveyor belts, industries, etc.

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