Top 05 Software's For Circuit Simulation | Best Simulation Software For Students

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. In this article, I will discuss what are the top 05 software for electronics circuit simulation. If you require an article on some other topics then comment us below in the comment box.

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Top 05 Software's For Circuit Simulation

Top 05 Software's For Circuit Simulation | Best Simulation Software For Students

Nowadays, there are many tools available in the market for electronic circuit simulation, but many Softwares have drawbacks like slow simulation time, lack of library, etc. In this article, I will share the top best Softwares for circuit simulation. Well, guys, which software you are using, comment below in the comment box.

Top 05

LT Spice Simulator

01. It is open-source software, free of cost.
02. It is mainly used for analog circuits simulation.
03. LT spice is flexible, easy to use.
04. The simulation time in LT spice is fast.
05. The LT spice gives access to over 200 Op Amp models, transistor models, MOSFET models, etc.

Top 04


01. It has both downloadable files, which means you can install the software on PC or you will also get an online editor.
02. In EasyEDA yo can simulate analog, digital and mixed-signal circuits.
03. The EasyEDA is open-source software.
04. You can also use EasyEDA software for PCB design.
05. The EasyEDA software provides a friendly interface.

Top 03


01. It is not free, but you can download a trial version.
02. You can also download crack versions, many websites are providing crack version.
03. It is used by many industries for circuit simulation.
04. The results are accurate.
05. The Pspice gives access to vast libraries of models.

Top 02


01. The software is used for electronic circuit design and for PCB design.
02. The huge library which has lots of models.
03. It is also used by embedded engineers to design a microcontroller interface.
04. The simulation is very fast.
05. This software is easy to learn.

Top 01

MATLAB Simulink

01. It is paid software.
02. One of the best tools for all students.
03. It is used for both simulation and mathematical modeling.
04. It has a huge library.
05. is a site where you can find a simulation of many circuits such as flyback converter, power converter, etc. You just need to copy the command line from the site and rub it the command window of MATLAB and then the circuit will open in MATLAB.

Top 05 Software's For Simulation

These are the top 05 Softwares for circuit simulation which are used by many students. I hope this article may help you all a lot. Thank you for reading.